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Cardboard - the ideal packaging material

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Most multi-layer paperboard is produced with one or two layers of coating and in many colours. It is used to make packaging and printed matter (business cards, postcards, interior materials, labels and other promotional literature) and is used as an artistic and craft material. There is a wide range of colours for cardboard.

Paperboard is a paperboard of varying thickness and composition, which can be used to make packaging of different construction. Cardboard is recyclable and has a much lower environmental impact than, for example, plastic or glass.

Kartong pakkematerjal Pakenditööstus OÜ
Cardboard packaging is a very common material in the packaging industry.

Pakenditööstus OÜ offers a wide range of packaging, boxes, paper bags, packaging envelopes and pallets. In addition to a large printing production, Pakenditööstus OÜ is also the owner of a new warehouse with great facilities. We have a wide range of warehouse services and e-shop support services.

Read more about packaging materials and packaging in Pakenditööstus OÜ's blog.

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Also visit the website of Pakenditööstus OÜ's subsidiary Pakendi OÜ.

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