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Package tapes and package straps

Package straps, also known as strapping or banding, are materials used to secure and bundle items for shipping, storage, or handling. These straps come in various materials, widths, and strengths, and they are essential for stabilizing and protecting packages during transit. Here are some key aspects of package straps:

Clear Packaging Tape: This is a general-purpose, transparent tape often made from polypropylene or similar materials. It is suitable for sealing cardboard boxes and is commonly used in a variety of packaging applications.

Filament or Strapping Tape: This tape has reinforcing fibers or filaments embedded within it, providing extra strength and resistance. It is ideal for securing heavy or bulky items.

Brown/Tan Packaging Tape: Similar to clear tape, but with a brown or tan color. It is often used for a more discreet look on brown cardboard boxes or for branding purposes.

Masking Tape: While not specifically designed for packaging, masking tape is sometimes used for light-duty packaging. It is easy to tear by hand and is often used for labeling and temporary sealing.

Water-Activated Tape (Gummed Tape): This tape requires water to activate the adhesive. It forms a strong bond with the cardboard surface, making it tamper-evident and providing a secure seal.

Double-Sided Tape: This tape has adhesive on both sides and is used for attaching two surfaces together. It is often used in packaging for attaching promotional materials or securing items within a package.

Adhesive Varieties:

Acrylic Adhesive: Commonly used in clear packaging tapes, acrylic adhesive offers good adhesion and clarity. It performs well in various temperature conditions.

Hot Melt Adhesive: Known for its quick bonding properties, hot melt adhesive is often used in brown/tan packaging tapes. It provides a strong seal, especially in warmer temperatures.

Natural Rubber Adhesive: This adhesive type provides excellent adhesion and bonding strength. It is often used in filament tapes and can adhere well to various surfaces.

Polyester (PET) Strapping: Polyester strapping is known for its high tensile strength, durability, and resistance to UV radiation. It is commonly used for heavy-duty applications and can be a suitable alternative to steel strapping.

Polypropylene (PP) Strapping: Polypropylene strapping is lightweight, cost-effective, and suitable for light to medium-duty applications. It is commonly used for securing packages in industries like logistics, agriculture, and construction.

Steel Strapping: Steel strapping provides high tensile strength and is often used for heavy-duty applications where additional strength and durability are required. It is resistant to cuts, making it suitable for sharp-edged loads.

Some businesses choose to customize their packaging tapes with logos, brand names, or specific messages for branding and marketing purposes. This can enhance the visual appeal of packages and promote brand recognition.

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