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Machine wrapping films - different stretch, very durable

Pakenditööstus OÜ is Trioworld's representative for pre-stretched packaging films in Estonia. Trioworld Infinity is a new generation of machine film for packaging trays: the highest stretch helps to keep costs low and save the environment; provides strong tear and puncture resistance when packing; excellent adhesive and slip properties; keeps trays stable and does not allow them to stick together; also suitable for the food industry. Among the packaging films, black machine packaging film, the main packaging material for industrial companies, has gained great popularity.PCR machine packaging film is an elastic and high-performance film made from recycled material. It contains more than 60% recycled content, of which at least 51% is PCR (post consumer recycled). This stretch film is an environmentally friendly alternative and reduces the carbon footprint.

Pressure-sensitive loads are at risk of breaking at the corners, resulting in damage to the load/product. These types of loads require a sophisticated stretch film that ensures a result with minimum stretch film consumption. Trioworld Lean stretch films, such as Trio Infinity, Katan-Ex ST, Katan-Ex SL or Trio Etex, are specifically designed for situations where stable pallets can be created with minimum consumption, such as soft products or bakery products.

Depending on the specificity of the machine packaging film and the customer's needs, the packaging industry always has the best solution. Feel free to consult Pakenditööstus OÜ sales representatives.

Pakenditööstus offers a wide range of packaging, boxes, paper bags, packaging envelopes and pallets. In addition to a large printing production, Pakenditööstus is also the owner of a new warehouse with great facilities. We have a wide range of warehouse services and e-shop support services.

Read more about packaging materials in the blog of Pakenditööstus OÜ.

Be sure to check out the Pakenditööst YouTube channel.

Also visit the website of Pakenditööstus OÜ's subsidiary Pakendi OÜ.


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