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What is a corrugated board? What are the properties of corrugated board?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

When we talk about packaging, the first thing that comes to mind are corrugated boxes and cartons. Corrugated cardboard has been used as a packaging material for over 150 years, and its popularity stems from its versatility: it is soft and strong, durable and environmentally friendly.

Lainepapp on populaarseim materjal Pakenditööstuses.
Pakenditööstus OÜ packaging materials, corrugated products

While in the past corrugated boxes and crates were quite similar, the development of internet commerce has also led to a major evolution in the corrugated market. Corrugated cardboard of different strengths is available: three-, five- and seven-layer corrugated cardboard, boxes and corrugated cardboard dividers.

Pakenditööstus OÜ offers a wide range of packaging, boxes, paper bags, packaging envelopes and pallets. In addition to a large printing production, Pakenditööstus OÜ is also the owner of a new warehouse with great facilities. We have a wide range of warehouse services and e-shop support services.

Read more about packaging materials and packaging in Pakenditööstus OÜ's blog.

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